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Wrapping up the Con Circuit of 2018 - And a big "Thank You!" for the continued support!

November 12, 2018



2018 has been a really crazy year for me & my husband. We did a con circuit of 12 different East Coast shows in NY, NJ, PA and RI! I sold my art and wares alongside my husband's comic shop (Excalibur Comics) who sold retail items: comics, toys, collectibles and more. We had a very fun and successful con year, we got to meet many new wonderful people through these shows, and we got to connect with some familiar faces and wonderful friends. It was tiring but very worthwhile all the same.


My art journey has also been pretty non-stop: I got to add several licensed card companies to my list of contributions as a sketch cards artist. In addition to Upper Deck, I have now done projects for MNS Cards, Topps, Island Dreams and will be working on a set for Viceroy Cards as well! Between licensed work, personal projects and customer commissioned pieces - I have made over 400 tiny pieces of art this year!! Wow! I never thought I could get to that point where art is really the staple of my daily life, but I am so glad that it has become that! I can't imagine life without art. I hope I continue to grow as an artist so I can continue to make art that makes people happy!!!


But aside from the con circuit and licensed art work, this year also marks a new milestone for me & my husband - we have spent the majority of this year prepping to sell our house and relocate to LI (today is actually FINALLY moving day, yay!) 


It has been a crazy couple of months, hard to keep track of everything that we've had going on in our lives, but we are looking forward to the new house, having more space to conduct our business and all that fun stuff! 


I will probably be pretty MIA for the rest of this year, getting our home it working order, setting up my art studio and etc! But I will be back ASAP and doing better than ever!


So with that said, I have to take an extra moment to say thank you to all people who stopped by my art table at any of my 2018 shows to chat, compliment my art or give some of my work a happy new home!! I loved meeting you all, and talking to you about our mutual geeky interests. I'm really honored that you want my artwork in your home/life. Thank you so so much for your continued support! I can't really put into words how much it means to me! I hope to see you all again in future 2019 shows!

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