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Wrapping up the Con Circuit of 2017 - And a big "Thank You!" for the continued support!

November 14, 2017



So 2017 marked the convention debut for both my husband's comic shop (Excalibur Comics) and for me selling my artwork at shows. We were both a little apprehensive to get into show appearances at first, but we felt like it was the right time for us both to move forward with it, take the plunge and see how we do.


With ToyCon NJ wrapped up as our last scheduled appearance of 2017, I am so very happy to say that we had a wonderful rookie year doing a con circuit that covered New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. All of our convention hosts/ organizers were really wonderful and did their best to make sure everyone had a good time at the events! We look forward to a continued relationship with them in future years as we will be returning to all our previous shows (and plan to book even more shows for next year!)


This year marked a lot of firsts for me as an artist - including getting this website running, working on Sketch Card projects for Upper Deck/ Marvel projects and selling my artwork at conventions .... I've sold hand crafted goods before, but never something as personal as artwork. I've always been self conscious about my artwork, thinking I was not good enough to peruse this passion of mine. Allow me to briefly explain: 

I loved drawing as a child (it was my "dream job" to work for Disney after seeing The Little Mermaid in the theaters as a 5 year old kid) but I stopped in my teens after being rejected from taking Art as a major in school... I was convinced I must not have the talent or the "it" quality needed and I should just forget about my dreams. Well, I picked up drawing again only a couple of years ago and totally reconnected with my passion for the craft - but the self-conscious doubts were ever present! 


But since I started drawing again, I've had some awesome support from my husband, friends, fellow artists and the wonderful art community on Instagram... so I mustered up the courage to take the next step and start selling my work.


Going into this endeavor - I have to admit: I was extremely apprehensive, nervous and anxious about putting my art on tables for sale this year, thinking "Who's going to want this painting I made?" or other negative thoughts. And wow, did you all prove me wrong! At each show I set up a table at, I met so many wonderful people and I was met with a consistently positive, warm reception to my artwork. I was flattered beyond words! Knowing that something I put my heart into was so appreciated by others made it all the more rewarding. I've never felt more pride and happiness in my own abilities then I have this year. It really gives me the drive to keep pushing myself and my art forward, so I can become better and more confident to keep new artwork to share with everyone. 


So with that said, I have to take an extra moment to say thank you to all people who stopped by my art table at any of my 2017 shows to chat, compliment my art or give some of my work a happy new home!! I loved meeting you all, and talking to you about our mutual geeky interests. I'm really honored that you want my artwork in your home/life. Thank you so so much for your continued support! I can't really put into words how much it means to me! I hope to see you all again in future 2018 shows!

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